Đai hỗ trợ thắt lưng tự sưởi ấm Tourmaline

4.1 sao - 285 lượt đánh giá

Số lượng:
  • Miễn phí khi giao hàng trong phạm vi nội thành Hà Nội với đơn hàng có giá trị >3.000.000đ.
  • Phụ thu 150.000đ với những đơn hàng nội thành có giá <3.000.000đ
  • Tính phí chuyển hàng 5..000đ/1km với những đơn hàng thuộc ngoại tỉnh

Thông tin sản phẩm

1.100% brand new and high qulity.
2. Magnets help increase blood flow.
3. Relieve lower back pain by reducing the pressure.
4. Neoprene back panel for warmth and compression.
5. Vented and breathable elastic side panels.
6. Adjustable and comfortable.
7. Supports along the spine to provide stability for those
Suffering from lower back pain.
8. the strategically placed magnets help with pain relief.
9. Professionally designed double pull braces can be adjusted.
To the desired level of both comfort and support with the high
Quality fasteners.

Measure around your waist and choose the right size

Size Suitable waist

S 60-76CM

M 77-86CM

L 87-96CM

XL 97-113CM

Belt stretched length

M 105cm

L 109cm

XL 113cm

(1) Do not use the abdomen belt too tight, too high, too tight will affect gastrointestinal peristalsis. Please wear it through clothes!
(2) The washing water temperature should be below 30 degrees.
(3) Gentle, non-iron, do not rinse, remember! Do not wash with a washing machine, do not wash.
(4) Do not expose to the sun or high-temperature baking.
(5) It is recommended to use shower gel to soak and wash, then use gentle hands.
(6) It is recommended not to wash frequently, which will affect the use function.